1. Insufficiently pure water

To prepare all solutions, deionized water is used with a Purity value of at least 2 µS/cm (1 MegΩhm/cm) required. special care is appropriate when filling water, since experience has shown that this is the case with carelessness water pollution can easily occur. security Remeasure in the water storage tank using a conductivity meter. The result of bad water is generally a yellow colored or dirty silver, especially after applying the protective paint!

2. Insufficient undercoat drying

If the undercoat is not sufficiently hardened, this error usually shows up only after the protective coating of the metallized surface, adding the shiny one metal layer becomes dull. This can be remedied by thorough drying of the Undercoats or lower viscosity setting.

3. Pollution

Dirt on the subsurface (below the undercoat) can also lead to significant damage lead to disturbances. Metallization may then be impossible under certain circumstances become. There is also the risk that stains will subsequently appear in the metal film appear.

CLEANLINESS throughout the HÖCHSTER system

Technical explanations

The special spray guns are supplied with the spray solutions via transparent hoses (container) connected. They are also connected to compressed air. The compressor must deliver at least 250 l/min at 4.5 bar. An oil-water separator, with activated carbon, must be connected for pure compressed air become.

It is important that the spray liquids flow evenly from both nozzles Silver spray guns leak or are sprayed.


The even spraying of the solutions should also be checked from time to time and optimized by cleaning the nozzles. When metallizing, the technique of painting should not be adopted. The air mist must be continuously activated during metallization. The gun should be guided evenly and on all sides over the object to be metallized. If the system is idle for a long time, the solutions should be drained from the feed hoses be removed. This is done by flushing the supply lines with deionized water


The container A and its supply hose will deteriorate over time black and deposits form. The hoses should therefore at least all 6 months to be renewed. Container A can be washed out with diluted nitric acid.

The concentrates can be stored for at least 6 months with proper storage


The CLC 1 solution must be stored in the dark (closet).
The prepared spray solutions can be used for a maximum of 24 hours