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Which device is the right one for me?

a: As a DIY enthusiast, you’re chroming items for home use, for family and friends. Maybe you want to start your own business in a growing market?

b: As a craftsman, would you like to expand your range with chrome-plated items or offer your customers the chrome-plating service?

c: As a craft, workshop or paint shop, you want to benefit from the ever-increasing demand for chrome-plated parts?

No matter how high your requirements, we certainly have the right device for you!
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How does a CHROME MASTER arrangement look like?

The chromium plating system is a divisible and easily transportable arrangement, which is equipped with 15-20 liter containers. The containers are connected to one another by the more adaptable tubes.

There is also a distributor block with special atomizers. The control during the coating process is realized by the pressure gages and the wobble switch. Under the front plate there is a special disposal place.

Which adjustment do I need to carry out around plating process?

In order to cover the surface with the activation layer or with the lacquer, an adaptation as in the case of the conventional lacquer is required. The spraying is only carried out with the aid of the chromium-plating system.

Should one have a varnishing experience?

With our chrome plating systems, you do not need any skill or special preparations for painting.

How long takes the plating process?

The mirroring process takes 5-6 hours if infrared radiation is used for drying. It is recommended to wait 24 hours for complicated molds with the injection, so that the surface is completely dry.

Do I need a special space for these works?

No! The main terms of the coating are dust freedom and temperatures > 20°C, otherwise it requires nobody special no demands

How high is the cost of sales in comparison to traditional galvanic platings?

The plating process with the help of CHROME MASTER costs 30% less than the same chromium-plating with galvanic procedures. No dangerous materials are used while chromium-plating.

May I use activation reason or protective varnish which come from other manufacturers?

NO! Our company offers especially developed activation reason and protective varnish which develops actively for the metallic layer. If one uses products of other companies, it can become matt surface became!

Is the coating hard enough and wear-firmly?

The metal layer, after it was covered with the protective varnish, is as hard and wear-firm like the colour on your car which was applied work-sided. The protective varnish passes the raised wear firmness and of the materials hardness guarantee

What is better for the water purification? A distillation device or deionisation device?

The water contains less foreign matters if it is cleaned by distillation device. This can be quite simply checked with the conducting meter. In spite of a high power consumption and not higher productiveness, a distillation device is more favorably in use an application. After the cleaning of 300-400 litres of water the membrane of the deionisation device must be substituted.

Is there a difference between the materials those of your company are produced and the materials of other companies?

All materials one uses with the plating, have the same composition. But our company, in contrast to others, produces no material which contains 6 valued toxic chrome!

How can I order CHROME MASTER system and consumption materials?

The delivery and installation in Europe and worldwide is quickly and correctly taken over by verchromen24!