Steel/Metall Chrome

MetallChrome is a one-component fast drying paint that can be applied to any surface with a conventional HVLP gun

• Adapts to your imagination with its multiple application possibilities.

• Applying a finish can produce the color that suits your needs.

For polishing furniture accessories, car and motorcycle components, helmets, fashion accessories, musical instruments, sporting goods. wood, glass, plastic, aluminium. Our Chrome Effect Metallchrome paint contains the best chrome effect paints on the market, maintaining a 92% mirror effect.

Complete 1 L. Kit net price: €210.00
Complete 5 L kit net price €783.00
Complete 10 L kit net price 1550 €

Steel Chrome


Your world becomes phosphorescent

Neon is a product that turns any surface light to dark. Allows you to color your items with a magical effect to amaze

It is a special acrylic paint with high strength and fast drying that is applied with an airbrush. It has a neutral color. The substrate on which the photoluminescent charge of light is deposited when exposed to natural light, when then placed in a dark environment.

Used to give the light walls of apartments and public buildings, furniture parts, furniture accessories, car and motorcycle bodies, helmets.

Complete kit net price: €410.00



Reflex Lux is a product that gives a strong visual impact to any surface. Her objects no longer live in anonymity and shine in a unique light. It is a one-component acrylic paint with a special fluorescent effect, high strength and fast drying.

It’s easy to use and doesn’t require professional equipment. It is available in 4 colors that make up each colored finish. The medium on which you want to apply the product must necessarily be white.

Used to highlight parts of the walls of children’s rooms and public spaces, mobile phones, video games, bar counters, chairs, lamps, body panels of cars and motorcycles, helmets.

Complete kit net price: €392.00