Scope of delivery consisting of:

  • Pressure settings with pressure gauge display
  • 1 roller carriage with 3 pressure tanks 3 x 9 liters
  • 1 complete set of chemicals
  • Spray gun for water, activator double spray gun chrome


  • Special pressure hoses made of chemical polyurethane.
  • Pneumatic and flow control construction with components of European origin.
  • 3 stainless steel pressure tanks for filling and dosing products.#
  • It has 4 wheels for easy movement and transport.
  • Instructions for use, mixtures and procedures.
  • Videos for technical support of the processes.

Basic equipment consists of the following Chemie KIT products:

  • 5L KIT CHROME COMPLETE Supplied with:
  • 1/2 L. KIT base coat CB-5/6 with catalyst and solvent
  • 1/2 L. KIT special paint CF-4 with catalyst and solvent
  • 1/4 pre-activator
  • 1/4 activator
  • 5L. Silver G4 – (served in concentrated 0.66L + 0.26L to mix with 4.08L distilled water)
  • 5L Silver Reducer G5 – (served in a concentrated amount of 0.66L to mix with 4.34L distilled water)
  • 3 RAL colors of YOUR choice (gold, black, red, etc.)
Net price: 3.650,00 €


Our Portable Chrome System for chemical chrome plating is suitable for anyone who works in the field of painting, finishing or restoration and would like to generate more sales. It was developed for the commercial and technical sector to quickly and professionally chrome a variety of different materials. All you need is a compressor with an integrated oil separator. The system is transportable and can also be used by your customer for chrome plating without any problems.

The Profi Chrome system is equally suitable for small parts such as B. moldings, rims, lamp stands or small metal surfaces but also for large areas z. B. motorcycle tank, doors or statues sheet metal, glass, leather, wood etc.

As with all of our systems, you have no restrictions on the choice of colors or chrome effects.

With our large Portable Chrome System you can realize any of your projects. No matter how big or small it may be. Your imagination is the limit.

The price includes the following top performance and service:

Portable Chrome System

  • basic equipment material
  • Sustainable support
  • Day training at the manufacturer (instruction) on Fridays in Barcelona or in one of our service points in Germany – Switzerland

Paid additional option: commissioning and training on site in your premises. This service ensures that the system is correctly positioned in your premises and adjusted to your circumstances. We will clarify the exact costs after consultation with you.