1. Working day with CLC – Method

1. We recommend to pre paint the object with a 2K-Unilack to achieve a smooth surface.
2. Now the dried 2K Unilack is grinded with 1200 wet sandpaper so that an absolutely smooth surface is available.
3. The object has to be cleaned well before metallisation.
4. The object has to be set up and masking with tape if necessary.
5. CLC 2K Base coat spraying (base coat has to be shuffled as followed 100:15:30/50) 1 – 2 coats.
6. CLC base coat dried for 90 minutes at 60° Celsius, let the object stand overnight.
From now Don’t Touch the painted object !!!!! all fingerprints keep visible.

2. Working day with CLC – Method

7. Clean the object with deionized water to remove dust and dirt
8. Wet the object uniformly with CLC-Activator (the activator must be prepared 48 hours before use)
9. Clean the object with deionized water to remove all CLC-Activator.
10. Metallization the objects with the CLC – Mixture
11. Clean the object very well with deionized water to remove all CLC-Mixture.
12. The washed object has to be sprayed with CLC-Cleaner, wait 60 – 90 sec. before removing with deionized water.
13. The metalized object has now uniformly blisters dry.
14. Now the dry blisters object for 20 min. drying at 30° Celsius.
15. Now, the CLC 1-K Conservation coat has to be fogged on the object after you’ve given the desired amount of glaze to admit to that part of the corresponding colour. (Pay attention to the dry time). At the end, one time apply saturated.
16. Now the object will be coated with 2 K – Top-Coat in 2 working cycles and dried overnight at room temperature, or dried in the chamber, but with 20° Celsius below the drying temperature of the base coat.