Here are some tips on how to do it

The surfaces to be painted must be clean, dry and degreased. Also make sure that the spray gun (s) are clean and free of any paint and solvent residues.

1. Active-chrome-base pre-painting

A two-component acrylic lacquer in glossy black or gray is recommended as a primer. Active-chrome can be painted after drying for 1 hour at 60 ° C. Or 24 hours with our special additive for room drying! No oven needed.

If you have dust inclusions or paint runs, remove them with the help of abrasive flowers (P3000) and polish them with a silicone-free polishing system.

It is important here that no traces of grinding or polishing remain on the pretreated surface, as these might still be visible after the finish of the coating. The polished surface should be cleaned with a suitable cleaner and demineralized water. Use gloves.

With the base coat color (black or gray) you influence the brightness and the mirror effect.

Flow cup guns with nozzle size 0.8mm to 1.0mm, depending on the size of the surface to be painted. From our own experience, we recommend 3 bar inlet pressure. (Included in the package)

2. Application active-chrome

After you have stirred active-chrome and filled it into the flow cup, paint in several thin layers. Set the material supply on your spray gun to a minimum so that the finest atomization of a small amount of material is guaranteed.

You can achieve a black chrome effect by applying only a thin layer of chrome effect. The more layers you apply with active-chrome, the more intense the chrome effect. Flash-off times must be observed between the layers. However, the reflective result is present in both variants.

The drying time is one hour at 60 ° C or alternatively overnight at a room temperature of approx. 20 ° C.

3. Clear coat active-clearcoad

The last layer is the active-clearcoat, which you previously applied with the special hardener supplied in a mixing ratio of 3:1.

When painting the clear coat, it is recommended to use a spray gun with a nozzle size of 1.2mm. After the first closed spray cycle, allow to flash off for about 5 minutes. After the second spray, spray on the course.

Before you burn in the active-chrome-clearcoat, let it flash off well.


If you want to sell your part to be painted in a colored shade, you need active-color essences, which you can also get from us. Vary the shade depending on the essence added, very easy to use

This manual is subject to the previous technical knowledge, which has been obtained from numerous tests and practical results. A guarantee cannot be accepted.

The decisive factor for a flawless result is strict compliance with the processing instructions explained in the preceding text. Please only use original Verchromen24 products, as we have specially coordinated them and the entire concept must be compatible with each other.