To all manufacturers with the materials:
plastic, metal, wood, plaster, lighting, sculpture, furniture, glass, plumbing,
Car tuning, paint shops, vehicle paint shops/conditioners:

Increase sales potential and become the market leader in your region

Are you looking for a way to compensate for the extremely high costs for energy, personnel and material? Our mobile spray chrome plating is quickly integrated into your operation and can bring you additional orders in 2024.

Do you have any questions about mobile spray chrome plating and how to use it in your company? We’re happy to talk on the phone about it.

Chrome plating of plastic, chrome plating of wood, chrome plating of glass or chrome plating of hard rubber

  • with our mobile systems and set!
  • No electroplating and independent of size.
  • No kiln needed! room drying.
  • No toxic or polluting waste to dispose of!

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Profi Basic Chrome

Profi Comfort Industrial

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Was ist chemisches Verchromen?

In comparison with the well-known methods of galvanic chrome plating, chemical chrome plating methods perform much better in most areas. There are hardly any limits when it comes to the selection of the materials that can be processed, as well as the size of the workpieces to be chromed.

And the fact that you are also protecting the environment and your wallet is certainly in your best interest.

The process of chemical chrome plating is comparable to that of painting. However, chemical chrome plating requires neither painting knowledge nor experience, nor do you need a kiln. You can of course use it to speed up the process if you have one, but it’s not necessary.

Chrome-plate all materials – with the SC24 chrome technique

With the SC24-Chrome technology, we can metalize parts of any size and shape. Plastic and metal, but also wood or glass are suitable substrates.”

This makes it clear for which markets the process is suitable:
From trade fair construction and advertising to vehicle tuning and refinement to the classic car scene! The possibilities are nearly unlimited.

The advantage: Due to the stability and robustness of the coating, it is no longer necessary to differentiate between indoor and outdoor applications.

In the meantime, this process of effect coating represents a technically mature solution thanks to the development of fully automatic coating systems on an industrial scale.

The SC24-Chrome system from Chromlack proves its durability by passing climatic change tests such as the so-called Florida and Arizona tests and by passing a 1000-hour salt spray test without any problems.

“By adding UV inhibitors, among other things, we have optimized the clear coat belonging to the SC24-Chrome system in such a way that we can also guarantee UV resistance.”

The Chrome Spray System not only meets the DIN EN 9227 standard, which is decisive for the automotive industry. But for other branches of industry!

Auto Verchromen