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Chrome-plating plastic, wood, glass or even hard rubber

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  • No electroplating and regardless of size.

  • No kiln necessary! Room drying.

  • Do not dispose of any toxic or environmentally harmful waste!

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Chemisches Verchromen

What is chemical chrome plating?

Compared to the known methods of plating, the methods of chemical chromium plating are much better in most areas.

The choice of material or the size of the workpieces to be chromed are virtually unlimited.

And that you also protect the environment and your wallet, is certainly also in your interest.

The process of chemical chromium plating is comparable with the process of painting. However, you do not need any painting skills or experience in painting or plating, nor do you need a kiln. Of course you can use it if you want to speed up the process, but it is not necessary.

Chrome-plate all materials – with SC24 chrome technology

With SC24-Chrome technology, we can metal parts of any size and shape, Substrates are plastic and metal, but also wood or glass. “This makes it clear which markets the process is suitable for: from trade fair construction and advertising on vehicle tuning and refinement through to the classic car scene. The possibilities are nearly unlimited. The advantage: Due to the stability and robustness of the coating, it is no longer necessary to distinguish between indoor and outdoor applications.

Meanwhile, this process of effect painting by the development of fully automatic coating equipment on an industrial scale represents a technically mature solution. “Its durability proves the SC24 Chrome system of Chromium with the existence of climate change tests such as the so-called Florida and the Arizona test and the trouble completing a 1000th – hour salt spray tests. “Among other things, by adding UV inhibitors, we have optimized the SC24 Chrome system clear coat so that we also UV resistance guarantee.” The Chrome Spray System not only fulfills the DIN EN 9227 standard, which is crucial for the automotive industry, but also for other branches of industry!