The Profi “Comfort” Industrial System is the further development of the previous system “Profi Basic”.
Modern, innovative luxury design that is unparalleled in the existing market.
Like its predecessor, it is mobile and ideal for use in the commercial and technical field. Painters, restorers or refiners in particular will be enthusiastic about this chemical chrome plating system.
As with its predecessor, a compressor and an oil separator are required for the Profi Comfort System.

Netto Price: 7.190,00 €

But what have we improved on the Profi Comfort System?
The Profi Comfort system for chemical chrome plating has an integrated cleaning system to enable faster work.
The Profi Comfort System offers extended regulation options, which enables finer and more precise work.
The system can also be operated by two men for production work (or significantly long parts) with the retrofitting of a double spray gun.
Also transportable in size.

The Venturi system
The Venturi system was integrated into the Profi Comfort System. During the spraying process, dynamic pressure is created in the Venturi nozzle, which means maximum dynamic pressure and minimum static pressure. The resulting fine spray mist enables an incredible spray result.


The price includes the following top performance and service:

  • Profi Comfort system
  • Basic equipment material
  • In-house training or see * Recommended
  • Manual
  • Ongoing support

*Commissioning and training on site in your premises as an option, this service ensures that the system is correctly positioned in your premises and adjusted to your circumstances. Big advantage Recommended!

The large system has a professional 2-head special gun
5 adjustable pressure settings with pressure gauge display
1 roller carriage with 4 pressure vessels a. 20 liters
Spray guns for water, activator and SC24 head gun special

Basic equipment

What else you need:
6 bar 30 liter minimum compressor oil free and water separator and sufficient 0.0001 micro Siemens conductivity distilled water.

Our Profi Comfort System is a professional system of chemical metallization that offers the possibility of obtaining 100% coverage on almost all surfaces.

No object size limitations in chemical metallization
Contrary to the electroplating process where during the metallization process the size of the object is limited by a basin or the size of the vacuum chamber, the size of the object is not limited.

Possibility of choosing the desired shade
Add a protective varnish or pigment toner to get any shade you want, as well as aluminum, gold, copper, bronze, and other metal and alloy effects.

Eco-friendly cover
Unlike chrome plating, the chemical metallization process does not use heavy metals and carcinogens. The process of chemical metallization is also environmentally friendly.

Safety and wear resistance of the Profi Comfort System:
The protective varnish layer is almost as safe and wear-resistant as the covering applied by the manufacturer.