The application is very simple

– Add paint stripping chemicals to the tank. For a 200 liter tank, min. 180 liters, for a 160 liter tank, min. 150 liters

– Place rims in the pool, 2-3 rims depending on size

– Heat up the pool to 70 – 85`cel depending on the chemistry

– After 2 to 3 hours, unplug the pool

– Remove paint in 6 hours without using any electricity (more economical is not possible)

– Remove the rims from the pool every 2 hours using protective gloves, glasses and breathing protection

– Allow the rims to drip off. Follow UVH guidelines and Kärchern

Ready for further treatment


1 piece paint removal basin, 160l liter rims

paint stripping, chemical paint stripping,

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150 l hot paint stripping agent High End BASF

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3 SHIPPING 1 piece. Dangerous goods forwarding, basin + paint stripping agent €160.00

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