Verchrome24 is an owner-controlled enterprise and a leading and a top-notched manufacture of high-quality Chrome Plating Systems. With the management team based in Hamburg, Germany, the distribution office in Denia, Spain and production capacity in Milan, Italy, we cater to chromium plating need of not only Europen Countries but also have our clients located in countries as far as China, India, Singapore, UAE, Qatar etc. We manufacture and design Chrome Plating Systems to serve specific needs and for the specific set of professionals, commercial, industrial or individuals.

Our Products

Hobby Chrome Spray (Simple Chemical Chrome Plating System)  

This system has been developed as a beginner Kit in order to start as easily as possible with the chromium plating. It is not only a normal hobby system but by being light and portable, it is suitable for difficult or difficult to access objects

The Easy Chrome Spray is not only for small parts, for example, moldings, rims, lamp stands or even small metal surfaces, but also can be used for larger parts, like motorcycle tank, doors or statues etc.

This system, including the basic package of chemicals,is available at an Introductory price.

€ 590,00 plus shipping
(other prices for retailers)


HT Chrome Paint System (Chemical Chromium Plating System)

This system is the further development of our entry system Easy Chrome Spray. However, this system is already used professionally in the commercial and technical field. It is more mobile and much easier in handling. It provides greater professionalism with the high-quality components such as the double spray gun,

The important thing here is that a compressor is required, which makes the work extremely easy.

€ 2.590,00 plus shipping
(other prices for retailers)

Professionally Basic Chrome System

The Profi Basic Chrome System is our first chrome-plating device for commercial and technical applications, developed for painters, finishers and restorers. This chemical chromium plating system requires a compressor, is mobile and allows work at the highest level. In the case of the Profi Basic Chrome system, great attention has been paid to the clarity and simplicity of the chemical chromium plating system.

Price: 4750€ plus shipping valid 
(other prices for retailers)


Profi Comfort System

Our professional comfort system is not only the further development of the predecessor system Profi Basic Chrome System, but it is the luxury version of all chrome plating systems we have to offer.

The Profi Basic Chrome System has an integrated cleaning system to enable faster working.  6 Narrow tanks are used instead of four.

The Profi Basic Chrome system offers higher regulation possibilities, which offers finer and more precise working possibilities.

The Venturi-System has been integrated into the professional comfort system. (During the spray process, a dynamic pressure is created in the Venturi nozzle, which means maximum backpressure and minimum static pressure, the resulting fine spray mist allows a fabulous spraying result.)


€ 6.620,00 plus shipping
(other prices for retailers)


Mirror Steel Chrome

Chrome lack Mirror – Steel Chrome represents the latest Reflective Paint Coating technology.

The Chrome Mirror – Steel Chrome can be processed with any commercially available spray gun and is very simple. Chrome lack or Mirror – Steel Chrome is the basis of today’s chrome (steel industry). At present, it is mostly used for industrial purposes to coat machines. The big difference between chromed and chrome – lacquer – steel – chrome is not only in the simplified processing but also in Chrome lack Mirror – Steel Chrome the brilliance effect is about 89 % -92 %.

It is particularly important to ensure that there is a risk of dazzling in the various areas of application in the event of light or direct sunlight, especially in the case of cars or motorcycles.

Since no fully chromed cars can be driven in Germany, not only is the classic silver-chrome, gold-chrome, blue-chrome, red-green or black, but also the so-called mirror chrome. About us, you can purchase not only the chrome plating systems for all areas but also the chrome plating chemicals. We have been working “worldwide” for years.

In the case of water faucets or industrial machines, there is the justified question of care: how much water or other stains, e.g. due to weather conditions, because these should be removed relatively quickly. The chrome effect is also retained by the 2K clear lacquer during weather or mechanical influences over a long time. The mirror effect of our Chrome lack Mirror – Steel Chrome with our 2K clear lacquer offers an excellent reflection rate.