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Hobby Chrome Spray (simple chemical chrome plating system)

Chromium plating with chrome lacquer and chrome spray system. This system has been developed as a beginner Kit in order to start as easily as possible with the chromium plating. It is not only a normal hobby system, but by being light and portable, it is also suitable for difficult or difficult to access objects.

The Easy Chrome Spray is not only for small parts. For example, moldings, rims, lamp stands or even small metal surfaces, but also can be used for larger parts, e.g. Motorcycle tank, doors or statues etc.

A further advantage here is that it is easy to transport and it has a facilitated handling. Furthermore, the Easy Chrome Spray does not require a compressor and simplifies the use in different places to chromium.

This system also allows the possibility to work with friends or with customers on the spot. Whether it’s the classic silver-chrome or gold, blue, red, green or black chrome is not a problem.

Again, the various materials such as stone, wood or plastic do not present any problems.The Hobby Chrome Spray is transportable and can be used anywhere.


As a starter system or as a system for small jobs and small orders, perhaps even on the spot, the Hobby Chrome Spray is exactly the right choice. It does not need a compressor, it is portable, its suitability for colors, and you can make small parts with this “small” chromium plating system.

This system, including the basic package of chemicals (see scope of delivery), is available atIntroductory prices.

€ 590,00 plus shipping
(other prices for retailers)


Hobby Chrome Spray Chemicals (for  more or less 10 qm)
1 Piece Double spray gun (Botle ) Base coat
3 Piece Spray gun (Plastic ) Top coat
Plastic container (500ml) Universal thinner
Bi-disdtilled water Silver-Component A
Silver-Component B
Silver-Component addition
Hardener for primery coat
Thinner for primery coat
Colour pigments by wish