Chrome plating with the Hobby Chrome Spray Set

With our reasonably priced starter system, you can quickly achieve first results in chemical chrome plating. The transportable system is also suitable for use on hard to reach objects or on site at the customer.

In addition to small parts such as moldings, fittings or mirrors, you can also chrome tanks, rims, lamp stands, sculptures and all sorts of surfaces.

The choice of materials is almost unlimited like in our other systems. In addition to metal parts, you can easily chromed plastics, wood, glass or stone.

In addition to the classic silver chrome, you can refine surfaces with black chrome or choose other shades. Whether you use reds, blues, greens, or golds, anything is possible.

Since you do not need a compressor with our Hobby Chrome Spray Set, it is the ideal set for the entry into the chemical chrome plating, but can also be used by professionals as a supplement for mobile use!


As a beginner system or as a system for small jobs, maybe even on site, the Hobby Chrome Spray Set is just the right choice. It does not require a compressor, it is portable, it can also be used to chrome large and difficult to access objects, the choice of colors is unrestricted, and you can use this “small” chrome system to work on objects made of different materials, regardless of their size ,

This system including basic chemicals package (see delivery) is available at a low introductory price

€ 590,00 plus shipping costs


Hobby Chrome SprayChemicals (for  more or less 10 qm)
1 PieceDouble spray gun (Botle )Base coat
3 PieceSpray gun (Plastic )Top coat
Plastic container (500ml)Universal thinner
Bi-disdtilled waterSilver-Component A
Silver-Component B
Silver-Component addition
Hardener for primery coat
Thinner for primery coat
Colour pigments by wish