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FAQ – frequently asked questionsQ

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Here we have gathered for you a few frequently asked questions.
Is your question not present?
No problem! We answer with pleasure your questions by Mail or phone  (+4915253363812).

Which device is the right thing for me?

a: They are a do-it-yourselfer who would like to chromium-plate objects or maybe even with the thought for domestic use, family and friends plays to make itself independent in a steadily growing market?
b: Are you a craftsman, which to chromium-plate his range of articles with the varied possibilities utensils of all kind, would like to extend?
c: Do you already pursue a craft or paint shop and to follow to the rising inquiry for chromium-plated parts?
For all these demands you find with us the suitable device with you your necessary works can carry out. All devices distinguish themselves by an easy service and respectable technology, in addition, you can use with all machines the same products.
We believe, before you spend some thousand euros on your equipment, you should clarify to begin with your need and then decide only after your needs.
A tip of us personally to you: If you are not sure which device is the suitable one for you, consult with us personally.
About our mail form you can step any time with us in contact. Describe to us your problem, we find together a suitable solution for you or call us: +491 525 33 63 812

How does a CHROME MASTER arrangement look?

The CHROME MASTER system is a divisible and slightly transportable arrangement which is equipped with 15 litres of containers. The containers are connected with the more adaptable pipes with each other. There is still a distributor block with special atomizers. The control during the plating process is realized by the manometres and the tumbler switch. Under the front record there is a specially disposal place.

How runs of the plating process?

For the moment one should coat a surface with an activation layer. Then the surface with distilled water without ions is rinsed. In the surface prepared materials are sprayed in addition, they form a reflecting-shining metal layer. This surface is covered at the end with varnish.

Which adjustment needs one to carry out around plating process?

To cover the surface with the activation layer or to cover with the varnish, one needs an adjustment like with the usual varnish. The plating is carried out only with the help of the CHROME MASTER system covered.

Should one have a varnishing experience?

NO. The plating process lasts 5-6 HRS if ultrared are used with the dry. It is recommended to wait with complicated forms with the spraying 24 HRS, so that the surface is completely dry.

How long lasts of the plating process?

In spite of the fact that this technology only for CHROME MASTER is typical, one needs to the varnish neither skills nor special preparations. There are no problems, this also solves the provided CD / DVD and if necessary our service.

Does one need a special space for these works?

No! The main terms of the coating are dust freedom and temperatures > 20°C, otherwise it requires nobody special no demands.

How high is the cost of sales in comparison to traditional galvanic platings?

The plating process with the help of CHROME MASTER costs 30% less than the same chromium-plating with galvanic procedures. No dangerous materials are used while chromium-plating.

May one use activation reason or protective varnish which come from other manufacturers?

NO! Our company offers especially developed activation reason and protective varnish which develops actively for the metallic layer. If one uses products of other companies, it can become matt surface became!

Is the coating hard enough and wear-firmly?

The metal layer, after it was covered with the protective varnish, is as hard and wear-firm like the colour on your car which was applied work-sided. The protective varnish passes the raised wear firmness and of the materials hardness guarantee

What is better for the water purification? A distillation device or deionisation device?

The water contains less foreign matters if it is cleaned by distillation device. This can be quite simply checked with the conducting meter. In spite of a high power consumption and not higher productiveness, a distillation device is more favorably in use an application. After the cleaning of 300-400 litres of water the membrane of the deionisation device must be substituted.

Is there a difference between the materials those of your company are produced and the materials of other companies?

All materials one uses with the plating, have the same composition. But our company, in contrast to others, produces no material which contains 6 valued toxic chrome!

How can one order CHROME MASTER system and consumption materials?

The delivery and installation is taken over from verchromen24 in Europe!