TITANIUM with binder drain

1. Sand the substrate
and paint it gray with a 1K Coat, then apply a 2K clear coat or apply a light 2K paint right away, then the 2K MS clear coat is not required.

2. Dry at 60ºC and then allow to cool.

3. Apply TITANIUM in several layers. After completion, remove any paint mist with a very fine microfiber cloth.

4. Apply 1 K water binder and let dry for 1 hour.

5. Now the final coat of paint is applied with a commercially available 2K clear coat.

TITANIUM with 2K water clear lacquer drain

  1. Sand the substrate and paint it gray with 1K Coat, then apply a 2K water clear lacquer or apply a light 2K lacquer straight away, then the 2K MS clear lacquer is not required.

2. Dry at 60ºC and then allow to cool

3. Apply TITANIUM in several layers. After completion, remove any paint
mist with a very fine microfiber cloth.

4. Now apply the final coat directly with 2 K water-based paint.



Vehicles, motorcycles, rims, headlights, design, sculpture, mains and much more.

Any material such as metal, aluminum, plastic, wood, or polycarbonate can be painted if it has been correctly primed beforehand. Quick procedure. Can be oven dried and air dried with chemistry additive Easy to use. No flame is required

High resistance to temperature

With this new base, we obtain silver to withstand higher temperatures than previously greater adhesion. This new product has a perfect adhesion and resists moisture and hot / cold water, without peeling or peeling In any case: Heat-resistant – UV-resistant – No yellowing. We would also like to mention that all liquids used in chemical chromium plating do not contain any carcinogenic substances.

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Specification Sheet


Characteristic Use to create a mirror finish
Products and accessories Base Coat, Binder
Container item number Please refer to the order form for item number and container size
Basic material Mixed solvent
Can be used underground Clear lacquers 1 and 2 K or on 2 K Uní lacquers
Area of application For metals, plastics
Cleaning Blow off before painting, but not with a Wipe the dust cloth.
Pot time In the present condition 6 months at 20 ° C.
Mixing ratio Ready to use, shake vigorously briefly and filter through a paint filter.
Spray viscosity ready to use
Desengrass and spray pressure
Nozzle Injection pressure in bar
0,8 oder 1,2 mm 2,5 – 4,5 bar
Processing The booth and material temperature should be between +18 ° C and +25 ° C during processing.
Processing information The special paint is directly applied undiluted with a Spray gun applied. After each application process should be briefly blown dry. In the end it can can be cleaned with an ultra-fine microfiber cloth (Remove spray mist).
Drying After about 30 minutes at 50 ° Celsius, the TITANIUM is
paint dried for further processing..
Cleaning of work equipment The tools can be used with universal thinner getting cleaned.
Can be painted over After fixing by the binder and brief drying, a commercially available 2K clear varnish can be applied be painted over.
Storage stability The lacquer has a shelf life of 1 year if the containers are closed.
Identification For labeling according to GefStoffV dated October 28, 1993, see information on the container label.
Ssafety Instructions Please note the safety data sheets provided.
General information These paints are high quality products for Surface finishing that requires careful processing in accordance with the instructions for use on the containers, our technical information sheets and the Assume safety data sheets. Since perfect coating results depend on factors that are outside our area of responsibility, our application-related suggestions are to be regarded as non-binding recommendations. They are based on our level of knowledge and ours experience, however, does not release the processor from his duty of care and must, if necessary, be adapted to the respective operating and environmental conditions as well as the work equipment used. If necessary, our technical Advice available.
As part of our we guarantee general terms and conditions but a consistently high quality of our Products. Regarding mixing with products we have no knowledge of other manufacturers or a combined structure. This is why in these cases any  warranty claims locked out. We reserve the right to make technical changes
to the products and their packaging. Our general terms and conditions apply.
Labeling according to GefStoffV. In their currently valid version. See information on the container label. Only for painting vehicles by a specialist, taking into account the manufacturer’s recommendations in the leaflet. The information from the trade association for the chemical industry is available for occupational safety. “Processing of coating materials (BGR 500 Part 2; Chapter 2.29)” must be observed. The information provided was determined in the laboratory and in practice as guide values. The product information, including any assurances regarding product suitability, is made to the best of our knowledge and corresponds to the current state of technology. Environmental influences, recyclable materials, application equipment and application techniques are beyond our control and therefore beyond our responsibility. In any case, the customer must check the usability of the material under practical conditions before use.