Mirror Steel

The know-how of metallization is based on over 10 years of development and experience. The method has always been tested in practice and modified in a specific application. We would like to share our knowledge with you during training sessions.

Chromlack Mirror – Steel Chrome represents the latest Reflective Paint Coating Technology.

Chromlack Mirror – Steel Chrome is not a complex coating process but a simplified painting process. Chromlack Mirror – Steel Chrome is very similar to painting. The Chrome Mirror – Steel Chrome can be processed with any commercially available spray gun and is very simple.

Chromlack or Mirror – Steel Chrome is the basis of today’s chrome (steel industry). At present it is mostly used for industrial purposes to coat machines.

The big difference between chromed and chrome – lacquer – steel – chrome is not only in the simplified processing, but also in Chromlack Mirror – Steel Chrome the brilliance effect is about 90% -98%.

It is particularly important to ensure that there is a risk of dazzling in the various areas of application in the event of light or direct sunlight, especially in the case of cars or motorcycles.

Since no fully chromed cars can be driven in Germany, not only is the classic silver-chrome, gold-chrome, blue-chrome, red-green or black, but also the so-called mirror chrome. About us, you can purchase not only the chrome plating systems for all areas but also the chrome plating chemicals. We have been working “worldwide” for years.

In the case of water faucets or industrial machines, there is the justified question of care: how much water or other stains, e.g. due to weather conditions, because these should be removed relatively quickly. The chrome effect is also retained by the 2K clear lacquer during weather or mechanical influences over a long time. The mirror effect of our Chromlack Mirror – Steel Chrome with our 2K clear lacquer offers an excellent reflection rate.

Processing information

The object or surface to be painted should always be taken care that it is dry and degreased and is worked in a clean environment.


With a standard spray gun or HVLP, airbrush (nozzle 0.5 to 1.0 mm).(Make sure that the paint gun(s) are clean and free from any lacquer or solvent residues as well as free from grease.) The painting process should take place in a dust-free environment.The Chromlack Mirror – Steel Chrome has the advantage that it does not need any further equipment. Simply a painting gun and an air compressor are enough. This is how everyone can successfully apply it.

Few tests are enough to understand and cope with the operation. Our team is at your disposal if you need any help or technical advice.

Additional information

Base paint 2k and 2k chrome 93.
Chrome only 5 / 25 / 50 / 100 litres

It is a paint which is applied on a special base black 3k glossy with or without firing.

Special paint for maximum mirror effect.

Chrome finish in one pass

a single layer


5 / 25 / 50 / 100 litres


Vehicles, motorcycles, rims, headlights, design, sculpture, power line and so on.

Any material such as metal, aluminum, plastic, wood, or polycarbonate can be painted if priming is done properly.Fast process.
Can be oven dried and air dried with chemical additive.
Simple application. No flaming is required

High resistance to temperature

With this new base, we get silver to resists higher temperatures than before.
Greater adhesion. This new product has perfect adhesion and resists moisture and hot / cold water, without peeling or peeling.
In any case: Heat-resistant – UV insensitive – No yellowing.
We would also like to mention that all liquids used in chemical chromium plating do not contain any carcinogenic substances.

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