HT Chrome Paint System (Chemical Chromium Plating System)

Advanced chrome plating with our HT Chrome Paint spraying system.

This system is the further development of our entry system Easy Chrome Spray. It is just as in the category of entry-level systems, however, this system is already used professionally in the commercial and technical field. It is now more mobile and has easier handling. It provides greater professionalism with the high-quality components such as the double spray gun, 1 spray gun for pre-activator, 1 spray gun for UV blocker, 1 spray gun for water, a spray gun for activator and a high-quality cabling for simplified operation.

The spray guns are already preset and facilitate the operation considerably.As with our predecessor, the HT Chrome Paint spraying system is not just for small parts. The HT Chrome Paint spray system is suitable for trim strips, rims, lamp stands or even small metal surfaces but can also be used for larger parts such as Motorcycle tank, doors or statues etc.

At the same time a compressor with oil and water separator is needed for the HT Chrome Paint System. The HT Chrome Paint System does not have a limitation on surfaces or parts. There are 10 L tanks supplied and a 15 L tank for water.

Simplicity of using our HT Chrome Paint spraying system

With the HT Chrome Paint System, the process of chemical chrome plating is a very straightforward workflow with various spray guns to enable professional insertion into chrome plating for commercial purposes. This makes it easy for you to create a chrome-plated surface. Through our further development, this system is now mobile and the spray guns are preset.


The further development of our beginner HT Chrome Paint spraying system was an important step. The system is still just as good for smaller work as its predecessor and it is better transportable. The important thing here is that a compressor is required, which makes the work extremely easy, but does not make the application possible anywhere. There must be a compressor and an oil separator. The applicability to possible colours is not limited to this system, as is the limitation of the size of surfaces.

€ 2.590,00 plus shipping
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HT Chrome Paint System Chemicals (for more or less 25 – 30 qm)
1 Piece Preset spray gun 1 Litre Base coat
1 Piece Preset spray gun for Pre-Aktivator 1 Litre Top coat
1 Piece Preset spray gun for UV Blocker 1 Litre Universal Thinner
1 Piece Preset spray gun for Water 1 Litre Silver-Component A
1 Piece Preset spray gun for Aktivator 1 Litre Silver-Component B
1 Package high-quality cabling 400 ml Silver-Component addition
2 Piece 10 L Tanks 100 ml pre-Aktivator
1 Piece 15L Tank for water 20 ml Aktivator
700 ml Hardener for primery coat
1 Litre Thinner for primery coat
 system is put loose on a carriage 50 ml Colour pigments by wish

What one still needs: 6 bars 30 litres of minimum compressor with oil and water separator and enough 0. 0001 micro Siemens conductivity distilled water