HT Chrome System

With our semi-professional HT Chrome System, even beginners in the technical field get an excellent tool that is easy to handle and guarantees professional results. This is also achieved through the high quality components such as

  • the double spray gun,
  • 1 pre-activator spray gun,
  • 1 spray gun for UV blocker,
  • 1 spray gun for water,
  • a spray gun for activator and
  • a high-quality wiring for simplified work.

The spray guns are already pre-set and facilitate the operation considerably

The HT Chrome System is designed for small parts such as screws, buttons or trims as well as larger surfaces such as Rims, lamp stands and motorcycle tanks. You can also chrome doors or statues.

The HT Chrome System requires a compressor with oil and water separator. Limitation of areas or parts does not exist with the HT Chrome System. 10L tanks for paints and chemicals are included and a 15L tank for water.

The HT Chrome System is easy to use

With your HT Chrome System, the process of chemical chrome becomes a breeze. Even in the commercial sector you can quickly achieve professional results thanks to the high-quality and pre-set spray guns. Since the system is mobile, you are also quickly at your place of use.​


The HT Chrome System is great for smaller jobs and it’s portable. Working with this system is facilitated by the compressor, but also limits the ability to work in hard-to-reach places. There are no restrictions on the selection of colors and surfaces. There must be only an oil and water separator for the compressor.

This system including the basic package of chemicals (see scope of delivery) is available for the price of

€ 2.590,00 plus shipping

scope of delivery

HT Chrome SystemChemicals (for more or less 25 – 30 qm)
1 PiecePreset spray gun1 LitreBase coat
1 PiecePreset spray gun for Pre-Aktivator1 LitreTop coat
1 PiecePreset spray gun for UV Blocker1 LitreUniversal Thinner
1 PiecePreset spray gun for Water1 LitreSilver-Component A
1 PiecePreset spray gun for Aktivator1 LitreSilver-Component B
1 Packagehigh-quality cabling400 mlSilver-Component addition
2 Piece10 L Tanks100 mlpre-Aktivator
1 Piece15L Tank for water20 mlAktivator
700 mlHardener for primery coat
1 LitreThinner for primery coat
 system is put loose on a carriage50 mlColour pigments by wish

What one still needs: 6 bars 30 litres of minimum compressor with oil and water separator and enough 0. 0001 micro Siemens conductivity distilled water