Chemicals (chemical chromium plating)

We not only develop chromium plating systems but also the chemicals required for chemical chromium plating. Through our own production in Milan (Italy), our customers have the advantage of directly purchasing their chromium components from the manufacturer. We have the advantage to address our customers individually. If our customers have a special request with the different chrome components, this almost nothing stands in the way. Whether it is special blends or special quantities. It is important to note that there is no intermediary for the chromium components, so we can offer fair prices to our customers.

Furthermore, it is not important for us if you only buy the chemical chromium chemicals from us but use the system from another manufacturer. Because we also know that tastes are different.We have prepared ready-made packages with chrome components for you. Of course, you can also order all chemicals such as base coat, top coat, activator, silver, etc. individually.

Our materials do not contain any toxic or carcinogenic substances. All European manufacturing and environmental protection requirements are met. (See certificate)

Scratch protection coatings

We offer two new topcoats for upper layers which are subject to particularly severe stress.This improves the scratch resistance and significantly reduces surface damage (e.g. caused by washing systems – micro scratches in the car paint).

Our materials do not contain toxic or carcinogenic substances such as those used by our competitors. All European production + Cerfiticate Environmental regulations are met.

  • Excellent scratch resistance
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Very good appearance
  • High strength
  • High compatibility
  • Fast curing
  • Curing is possible at room temperature
  • Sanding (car-painting)
  • Suitable for pigmented paints

We always try to give our customers all the possibilities they are imagining in chemical chrome-plating with the chemicals, and so far with success. If you have not found anything so far, please contact us and we will try to find a solution with you. Because with us the service does not cease after the sale but starting from here begins the cooperation and hopefully long partnership. For dealers and our partners, we also have special conditions. Contact us.We supply our chemical chromium chemicals worldwide.

Please request without obligation the price list for kit and chemicals.

Price list for kit and chemicals

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