Are you looking for an additional and unique business idea?

Do you want to coat or work with extravagant parts such as plastics, plastic, steel, glass and even non-conductive parts? You want to build your own existence or additional second, full-time or part-time?

Do you want to offer your customers an additional service to your existing product range?

Then you are right with us Verchromen24 S.L

With our Verchromen24 S.L Mobile Chrome Spray System you can serve a wide market, with no franchise fees, no revenue share!

They do not want to invest or buy great in business premises, machinery and tooling. You have a paint shop? Mobile Chrome Spray system push the compressor in and go!

The name Verchromen24 S.L is known throughout the world for our promotional activities such as trade fairs, television and magazines and our worldwide agencies and locations. In addition, our brands, as well as our fluids and paints are patented.

With the chrome chroma24 S.L – chrome paint chrome spray system, we start where others stop (electroplating). We are sizes independent and can coat all materials in chrome finish with chrome chroma24 S.L Chrome spray plant.

All Chromatic24 S.L Chromlack products are produced by our chemists. Eg basecoat & hardener, chromosolution, activator clearcoat, etc. Silver

Gladly you can convince yourself suburb in our production and watch it live and lend a hand!

With our system, you do not need any special previous knowledge, no paid training and courses, no goods purchases, no workshops, no storage rooms, with our unique mobile coating system, which is tailored exactly to the needs of users, you can offer your service anywhere! Easy to handle, foolproof coating, built close to non-destructive. Mobile everywhere! Construction and ready to use in just a few minutes.

We, the company Verchromen24 S.L, have no known problems such as yellowing, clear coat, UV problems or even after the clear coat no loss of gloss. Chrome plating24 Chrome-look mirroring technology or Chromium optics is unique.

Ideas / Use

  • Oldtimer restoration
  • plastics industry
  • glass industry
  • Vehicle / motorcycle and vehicle parts
  • Model and experimental construction
  • Exhibition construction
  • Furniture
  • prototypes

By using our systems you will receive a state-of-the-art system, fully equipped for immediate successful start-up with warranty and free personal technical support at any time. No chargeable hotline, no call center: With us you receive personal attention and anytime training at your after delivery or in advance at our factory. Benefit from our many years of experience in this area and the sale of hundreds of such Chrome systems