Chrome-plating plastic, wood, glass or even hard rubber is possible. With our mobile systems for chemical chromium plating you are not limited to metal parts. You do not need electroplating, a kiln and you do not have to dispose of toxic or polluting waste.

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What is chemical chrome plating?

Compared to the known methods of plating, the methods of chemical chromium plating are much better in most areas.

The choice of material or the size of the workpieces to be chromed are virtually unlimited.

And that you also protect the environment and your wallet, is certainly also in your interest.

The process of chemical chromium plating is comparable with the process of painting. However, you do not need any painting skills or experience in painting or plating, nor do you need a kiln. Of course you can use it if you want to speed up the process, but it is not necessary.

Chrome Everything

Which materials are suitable for chroming?

A lot of materials are suitable for chemical chroming.

Virtually anything that has a smooth surface can be chromed. In addition, chemical chroming can also highlight a structure, for example when chroming wood. If you worked out the grain before, then you will achieve a great result!

You can also achieve interesting effects by chroming of transparent objects made of glass or plexiglass. Refine everyday objects or restore ancient treasures. The possibilities are almost limitless.