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Our systems

The team of Verchromen24 has specialised in it to develop chromium plating systems and to equip the customers with the necessary Support and chrome components. Other prices for retailers!

Hobby Chrome Kit
HT Chrome Paint System
Profi Basic Chrome System
Profi Comfort Chrome System

Water transfer pressure

Hydrographie (Wassertransferdruck)Hydrographie (water transfer pressure) presents an absolutely new thought about refining and in a special way. With our Hydrographie equipment with accessories you can extend your enterprise, or coat parts simply thanks to this system anew and give a decorative appearance to her sphere. We use for it the miraculous chemical and physical properties of water.

Chromium plating

Even nowadays, chromium plating is very quick to think about the electroplating process and the very complicated “conducting” of the objects to be chromed. If one had only one object around which it acted it could very quickly become very expensive, since the electroplating suppliers could only work with large quantities. Here, however, we have a simple solution for you, which is called chemical chromium plating.

Chemical chrome plating

But what is chemical chromium plating? Due to the chemical chromium plating you are not dependent on whether an object is conductive, or you are not dependent on electroplating. Whether the object is made of wood, plastic, stone, metal itself made of glass, even hard rubber has already been chrome-plated.The process of chemical chromium plating is very simple. First the workpiece has to be prepared accordingly. Secondly, the metallization process begins, and the workpiece is finally reworked.Preparation is almost everywhere. The coveted piece has to be cleaned completely by all subunits, even the smallest contamination could have a very negative effect on the result.The primer is then applied to the workpiece in the kiln or air-dried (room temperature) which can take 1-3 hours. Thereafter, the process of metallization takes place. After removal from the kiln / combustion chamber, the workpiece is covered with a thin film of chrome or gold, as desired. Afterwards, the work piece is provided with a cover layer / special lacquer in order to be protected from environmental influences and wear and once again put into the kiln / combustion chamber for harden.The great advantage of chemical chromium plating is that it does not require a large number of parts and is nevertheless very effective, cost-effective and much more environmentally friendly than the well-known electroplating process.We would also like to mention that all liquids used in chemical chromium plating do not contain any carcinogenic substances.

Chemical chrome plating as a hobby or for the painter?

We ourselves do not have electroplating and also do not make chemical chromium plating as a service. We distribute the necessary systems and the associated chrome plating chemicals. Our systems begin with those who only want to use them at home and in private, and go so far to the large systems used in large paint shops to improve the whole car, ship, aircraft or furniture.Our systems are constantly being developed further in order to make it easier for our customers. It is also with our chromium plating chemicals, which we also develop further in order to constantly expand the range.Since no fully chromed cars can be driven in Germany, not only is the classic silver-chrome, gold-chrome, blue-chrome, red-green or black, but also the so-called mirror chrome. About us, you can purchase not only the chrome plating systems for all areas but also the chrome plating chemicals. We have been working for years “worldwide”.


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